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With the Solar Support Platform you have all relevant content at your fingertips, whether you are participating in one of our classroom training sessions or you want to educate yourself from home or work.

Continuous learning

Education Goals are intelligently allocated to you according to your role and responsibilities. These Goals can then achieved by following the Routes with relevant Content. As you peruse and review each online resource (Content), you will be able to see and track your progress continuously. The latter will be available for both classroom and self-learning trainees.

Any time, any place and, anywhere

With the online Solar Support training and support services, you can easily tap in to all relevant information, share your knowledge or experience with others, obtain expert assistance and continuously improve yourself through online education.

Support Classroom Training

During the classroom training the online Solar Support learning dashboard is used to navigate the trainees through the relevant content. Trainees can also better prepare themselves for the training by working through the set out Goals beforehand. The knowledge of the trainee can also be tested before and after the training by completing the self-test assessment.


For those who cannot attend the classroom training, the Solar Support learning dashboard allows trainees to educate themselves. When the self-test assessment is completed, the learning dashboard will automatically guide you to the topics (Goals) which you still need to understand or cover. Trainees can then also redo and improve their assessment results by re-visiting the relevant goals, routes and content