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Municipalities have a vital role to play when it comes to the approval, integration and management of solar PV systems on their networks. The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), South African Local Government Association (SALGA) and other institutions made it possible to assist and equip municipal officials to help achieve the latter by initiating and sponsoring a specialised technical training for municipal officials in South Africa.

Dates for upcoming training sessions will be announced on this site when they are confirmed. In the interim, training material from previous sessions are available freely for your viewing and download.

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Mr. Faure van Schalkwyk

Lead Trainer

B.Eng. Electric and Electronic, M.Eng. Management and Development

The GIZ-SALGA Solar PV classroom train-ing (5 day workshop)

The 5 day training course is accredited by the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) and 4-5 CPD points can be awarded to those who successfully complete the 5 day workshop. Day 1 – Introduction to Photovoltaics
  • Electric Basics, Characteristics of Solar, Energy and Typical PV system
  • Types of Inverters, charge controllers, batteries and PV modules/Panels
  • Differentiating PV modules/panels and Batteries;
  • Single line diagrams,
  • Integration of Solar PV components
  • Different Solar PV systems, grid interaction, Load profiles
Day 2 – Standards, Policies and financial impact
  • Solar PV development status of Municipalities
  • Policy framework and role of Municipalities for Solar PV
  • Technical Standards and Specifications
  • Financial impact of rooftop PV
  • SMA Sunny Web design
Day 3 – Regulations, bylaws and application processes
  • By-Law Amendments necessary
  • Capture and register SSEG
  • Registration on Small World/SAP or other software
  • Regulations, standards and guidelines
  • How to deal with illegal Solar PV systems
Day 4 – Commissioning, Site inspection and PV GreenCard
  • Metering and Monitoring
  • Commissioning, sign off processes and PV Green Card alignment
  • Sign off processes and liabilities for Municipalities
  • Business processes and quality assurance like PV Green Card
Day 5 – Solar PV Procurement, Energy Efficiency and planning
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Solar Procurement for Local Government
  • Strategic workshop for going forward

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