On-site Support services


As a part of the GIZ-SALGA SSEG capacity building initiatives, on-site support services are made available to help municipalities in their efforts to implement SSEG processes. This is at no cost to municipalities. The services will be rendered by Mr Mark Borchers from Sustainability Energy Africa (SEA) with the back-office support of Mr Faure van Schalkwyk from the Solar Training Centre, and Dr Gerhard Botha from Route 63 Consulting and Training.


This on-site support can be structured according to your Municipality’s needs, and can include:
  • Overview of SSEG trends, technology and regulatory situation
  • Customising and using the AMEU-SALGA Standard set of documents for SSEG in your municipality, including:
  • Requirements for Embedded Generation
  • Application form for SSEG
  • Commissioning form for SSEG
  • Supplemental Contract for SSEG
  • Decommissioning form for SSEG
  • General guidance on by-law amendments for SSEG
  • Support establishing a process for assessing SSEG applications, including an assessment checklist or control document, and guiding staff to undertake this assessment
  • Support assessing appropriate tariffs for SSEG
  • Clarifying the revenue impact of SSEG rollout
  • Overview of technical standards applicable to ensure that safety and power quality is not negatively impacted
  • Give support regarding data that needs to be registered for NERSA reporting purposes
  • Brief relevant key role players at your municipality about the status quo and what is needed regarding SSEG; to be able to effectively manage existing and new embedded generation installations.

On-site support reports

Learn from other Municipalities. A summary of the provided onsite support, solutions and decisions made in terms of SSEG at Municipalities can be reviewed here.

To Request Support,

We encourage you to utilize this free of charge onsite support facility. To request such support, please provide your information.

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