SSEG in the World and SA
  SSEG in the Western Cape -GreenCape
  SSEG Regulatory Framework in SA -Cpt
  Establishing SSEG Processes at the Municipality_v2
  SSEG Standards and Specifications - Intro
  SSEG Standards and Specifications - Dr Gerhard Botha
  Cape Town’s SSEG History challenges & looking ahead 2018
  Commissioning process and sign off 2018
  Commissioning process and sign off NF v13 2018
  Dealing with unregistered and unauthorized systems 2018
  ELECTRICITY AND ENERGY PV Metering & Billing 2018
  Introduction to Energy Efficiency 2018
  Solar Procurement For Local Government 2018
  SSEG - Training and Knowledge Sharing Event 2018
  SSEG for Municipal Buildings Challenges and Pitfalls 2018
  A Balanced and Robust Legal System for PV Installations
  Solareff - NWU Munics Jan 2018 Final-no videos

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